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Only F'n hits!!!
It's just a scratch! (Foley's Injuries) * Six concussions * One broken jaw * Two broken noses * One broken cheekbone * Lost four front teeth * Two-thirds of his ear ripped off * A separated shoulder * A fractured left shoulder * A dislocated shoulder * Second degree burn on his shoulder * Second degree burns on his arm * 54 stitches on his left arm * A broken right wrist * Bone chips in his right elbow * Six broken ribs * A torn abdominal * A torn ACL * A broken toe * A total of over 300 stitches in his arms, head, eyebrows, hands, ears, shin, cheek and lip * Thousands of thumb tack holes And...a broken left thumb during a little league baseball game in 1978!

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BJ's Page of shit!

Shit I hate this week: 1.Hats 2.Oxygen tanks 3.People with dogs that look like them 4.chairs without arm rests 5.Orange cars Pic of the week

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