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WWF Movies

Mankind is thrown from the TOP of the cell: .AVI
Mankind is chokeslammed through the Cell: .AVI
Mankind is chokeslammed into thumbtacks: .AVI
Mankind takes a ride to the ring on a stretcher: .AVI
Mankind is rock bottomed through a table: .AVI
Mankind double arm DDT's HHH: .AVI
Mr Socko and Mankind talking: .AVI
Mankind and Socko visit Vince in the Hospital: .AVI
Rock nails Mankind with a chair: .Mpeg
Rock pushes Mankind off a ladder: .Mpeg
Mankind becomes new WWF Champ!!!: .Mpeg
Austin stuns Mankind: .Mpeg
Austin stuns Dude Love: .AVI
Mankind Titan Tron video: .RA

Japan Movies

Part of the match where Mick gets his ear ripped off (not from Japan): .AVI
Terry Gordy powerbombs Cactus Jack onto thumbtacks: .AVI
Cactus Jack get suplexed into barbedwire and broken glass: .AVI
Cactus Jack throw Terry Funk into the Exploding Corner!!: .Mpeg
Cactus Jack elbow drops Terry Funk off a ladder: .Mpeg
Cactus Jack gets his face wrapped in barbedwire: .AVI
Terry Funk spits fire on Cactus Jack: .AVI
Cactus Jack wins Deathmatch Tournament: .Mpeg
Cactus Jack elbow drops a chair onto Sandman: .AVI
Shoji Nakamaki whips Cactus Jack into barbed wire: .AVI
Cactus Jack throws W*ING into glass & barbed Wire: .AVI
Cactus Jack elbowdrops a dumpster: .AVI

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